About Us

What We Believe...

We believe that every woman has the tools to get out of where she is and get to where she wants to be. As more women in this world do what they love and what they were born to do, then our world will be filled with happy and successful women.

We believe that the work we are doing will help thousands of women to fulfill their dreams, but also take care of them, and recognize their value and the importance of loving themselves.

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Women Empowered

We Believe in YOU...

We believe that we are not competition, but a support network. We believe that women who are entrepreneurs always need to know that they are not alone in their process. We Believe in YOU and We Bet that YOU can be the Best Version of YOURSELF.

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Believe in Yourself

Why We Started...

When I started in this business world (2012) I started wrong, without a plan and without support. Many people thought that I would not achieve even half of what I had proposed. Many thought I was crazy and others simply placed stones on the road.

Being an entrepreneur, with responsibilities, dreams, and goals; is a difficult task. But not impossible. Everything is POSSIBLE if we work with the right tools. That is why we created this project. To help other women like us, to really find their passion and the tools they need to achieve their future.


Our goal is that each woman who comes into contact with BEW through one of our services or projects can be inspired, motivated and focused on being the best version of herself and her business.

Our Mission

✤Support Women Survivors of Domestic Violence ✤Fight for the Women's Rights ✤Empower as many women we can ✤Working with women on: Self-Love, Self-Care, Mindset, Burnout, Stratups


✤Coaching ✤Contextual Therapies ✤Retreats ✤MasterClass/Courses


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