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Do you overthink & get overwhelmed with negative emotions & you’re so tired & frustrated of feeling like this? Do you judge & criticise yourself & beat yourself down when things aren’t ‘perfect’?

Do you feel dissatisfied with your life, there’s no spark, lost passion or not feeling motivated? Do you feel confused & stuck about what you really want, and what is your mission?

Having difficulties with making decisions? I have been there & I understand deeply. I HAVE BEEN YOU! 

There are tools & strategies I would love to teach you for you to feel better, heal, learn to love yourself, feel happy & fulfilled whilst living a life you enjoy, while you keep growing your business, climbing in your career, enjoying being a mom, just being you!


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The solutions to these challenges are:

Emotional Healing Strategies- learning what to do to release & heal negative emotions, past traumas & pain in healthy ways, so that you could feel happy & at peace.

Self Love & Acceptance- Practices & Re-Programming- learning how to deeply connect in with yourself & accept yourself fully. Having the correct strategy that fit with your lifestyle to have the perfect balance in your life. 

Clarity & Vision- understanding what you really want through getting clear on your values, answering the right questions, trusting yourself & becoming still enough to hear your inner guidance, so that you can live your dream life. Avoiding Burnout, Self-sabotage, and Procrastination.  

When we are going through challenging times & we feel like crap.
We are inside of our own darkness & get lost in our negative emotions like frustration, sadness, fear, stress, depression, disappointment, confusion etc. It can be very difficult to see all the amazing opportunities & possibilities around us!

We can’t see the easy solutions available because we are so fixated on our pain. The overwhelming negative emotions can cloud our ability to see clearly!

Joy, love, ease, peace, calmness, happiness, gratitude, fun, fulfilment, pleasure, abundance- these are all available for us!

So the missing piece between where you are now & what you want is WHAT YOU DO NOW.

I help my clients bridge that gap! So that they could feel better! Heal, love more, see opportunities, release what no longer serves them, go for their dreams, step out of their own way.

I help you become someone who is:
I am sure that now you are wondering… What price can be put on a program like this that changes your life?


My coaching has a holistic approach that will allow you to heal that relationship with yourself and with others. One of the principles therapy that we use are Contextual Therapies, it is to predict behavior, influence it and identify the effects of certain elements on behavior in order to be more effective in treatments. Other techniques are use, as: breathing, meditation, and more. 

So, do not see this as something where you will spend money, but as an investment. You are investing in yourself and being okay with yourself, your relationships, your business/career, and your life in general. So you can go out and live the life YOU want, the life you were meant to live and define success and happiness on YOUR terms.

Regular Price $1,200 *For a limited time* Receive a 40% discount — Special price of $720

Available payment options (all require a $120 deposit, credited to cost):

✓ Full Payment of $600 (after deducting the $120 deposit)
✓Two Payments of $300 (after deducting the $120 deposit)
✓Three Payments of $200 (after deducting the $120 deposit)
✓Four Payments of $150 (after deducting the $120 deposit)
✓Payment per session $50 (after discounting the $120 deposit)

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