“Feminism is a way of living individually and fighting collectively.”
Simone deBeauvoir

Addressing a subject as controversial as feminism is an adventure for me. But to handle it properly let’s talk a little history. Feminism had its beginnings in 1789 as a result of the French Revolution. This and other revolutions demanded freedoms, rights, and legal equality, proclaimed exclusively for “man”. As a result of this exclusion of women, feminism was born, a movement that fought for women’s rights and equality. We can say that this has been a movement that has left deep traces in the history of humanity. One of his most significant achievements has been the right to vote.

There are many battles, outstanding figures, and achievements thanks to the perseverance and courage of women tired of being the shadow of a man. Well, it turns out that not all of us fit the profile that society establishes. Not all of us have family, children, and marriage as a priority. There are many facets in which we can stand out, develop and achieve the desired success.

The issue of feminism is and has been taken out of context on many occasions. Although it seeks freedoms for “the weaker sex”, it does not mean that it is the antagonist of “machismo”. It is not about belittling or segregating men. It only seeks a fair place in society for women.

Maybe you have a wrong idea about feminism.

Fights, protests…

Maybe you don’t identify with this. But let’s see how feminist you can be.

• You are outraged by harassment of any kind and the fact that we are so exposed to it.
• You do not consider the rivalry between women and you are of the idea that they can be your best allies.
• It is offensive to you to be assigned certain tasks just because of your gender.
• You consider domestic work a job that should be adequately paid.
• It is annoying for you that the woman is judged by her appearance, interests, tastes, and her choices.
• You do not believe that femininity is the meaning of dresses, pink color, and delicacy.
• Assigning toys and colors to children by gender is a thing of the past.
• You believe that women should have rights over their bodies and their decisions.
• It is permissible for the woman to work outside and the man to take care of the home.
• You think that both women and men should receive the same pay for the same work.

If you agree with the majority, I have to said you that you are a feminist. Welcome to the 21st century where women have reached figures of up to 60% of the workforce. Where we stand out in any scenario. We are mothers in charge of the sustenance of the family and we do not know limitations. Don’t be afraid to express your support for a movement that represents our belief in fairness, equality, and justice for women.

John Doe
John Doe

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